About Wendy Smith

I find myself working more and more outside, finding inspiration exploring places that are on the edge of something, the space or gap between wild and contained.

Colours are mixed in situ to reflect the place, building up in layers and contrasting very fluid areas with thicker textured paint. Working in the landscape allows a freedom, spatial awareness and expressiveness in capturing the moment. The environment becomes the materials, using sticks as drawing implements and scratching into the surface of the paint, paper or canvas. The paintings and drawings produced are finished works in their own right. In the studio other paintings will develop from these. I take elements of mark making, motif, something symbolic within the landscape and working on larger canvases my technique is to build the paintings up in multiple layers to create depth, space and atmosphere but maintaining a fresh and vibrant response to the place.

Catalogues of Paintings

Indian Pink Catalogue - Wendy Smith

Indian Pink comprises of 14 paintings and photographs inspired and produced as artist in residence at Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi.

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Indian Summer Catalogue - Wendy Smith

Indian Summer comprises of 20 paintings inspired by travels and research projects in India, Nepal and Tibet. The work is a direct reponse to her observations of the garden at Great Dixter.

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Sea Flowers Catalogue - Wendy Smith

Sea Flowers was an exhibition of contemporary paintings and textile installations - a celebration of colour and rituals, interwoven into the necessities of daily life and vibrant street culture in South India

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