About Wendy Smith

Artist Statement – June 2023

I find myself continuing to work more and more outside, finding inspiration exploring places that are on the edge of changing environments. The experience, both psychological and emotive, refers to the sense of place and the experience of immersing myself in landscapes that are pre-selected. The exploration includes topographical elements, textural surface, materiality and weathering, combined with a process-led practice of placing and leaving canvases in the river. This practice enables me to engage with tidal flow, movement of sediment on the river floor, that impacts and changes the canvases over time and the past connection having previously lived on a houseboat in mudflat areas.

I have a curiosity with ‘edgeland’ areas or the overlap where natural wild spaces, untouched by man, meet the more contained and managed areas. Also, the spaces and edges where land and sea or rivers meet, the wasteland and transitional spaces created between rural and urban areas. These spaces often neglected, liminal areas become areas of fascination and a rich source of inspiration. I work with the materials in the landscape e.g. mud and vegetation combined with the application of pigments on raw canvas, submerging the canvases in tidal and non-tidal rivers to absorb and directly respond to the essence, atmosphere and materiality of place. Paintings develop from these distressed canvases, exploring the fluidity and the ebb and flow of tidal changes.

Photography is also key to my practice being more conceptual with collecting information of place, spatial considerations, visual perceptions and reflective sentiments.

Catalogues of Paintings

Indian Pink Catalogue - Wendy Smith

Indian Pink comprises of 14 paintings and photographs inspired and produced as artist in residence at Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi.

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Indian Summer Catalogue - Wendy Smith

Indian Summer comprises of 20 paintings inspired by travels and research projects in India, Nepal and Tibet. The work is a direct reponse to her observations of the garden at Great Dixter.

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Sea Flowers Catalogue - Wendy Smith

Sea Flowers was an exhibition of contemporary paintings and textile installations - a celebration of colour and rituals, interwoven into the necessities of daily life and vibrant street culture in South India

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