The paintings reflect experiences, memories and everyday 'happenings'.

The colours have an emotional attachment and response to a situation or subject. I am fascinated by the physical journey of painting and manipulation of the painted surface. Indian textiles and the Eastern colour palette, influence the lushness of the work, creating a surface that is sumptuous, jewel-like and inviting. Painting on Hessian or textured linen adds a raw and fibrous contrast with the glossed surface finish.

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Wendy Smith - The Crown, Hastings 2017. The Observer Awards 2017. The best place to drink in the UK Wendy Smith - Thomas Waghorn Commission, 2016 Wendy Smith - Mitsui Sumitomo, 2016 Wendy Smith - RSM Gatwick, 2016 Wendy Smith - work exhibited at Cafe Moroc. Sponsored by Recreate and Medway Council
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